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ML Summit Summit 2019
14. - 15. Oktober 2019 | Berlin
Das große Trainingsevent für Machine Learning Development & Business Innovation

Oz Tiram
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01 Okt 2018
10:00 - 13:00
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Advanced Flow Control in Python

01 Okt 2018
10:00 - 13:00

Monday, 1. October 2018 | 10:00 - 13:00

The workshop is divided into 3 parts. The first part is occupied with the most fundamental element of data processing. Applying a function to a list of elements,iterating over streams, generating lazy processors. We take a dive into Python’s iterables, iterators and generators.

The seconds part, expands generators to Python’s Co-routines, Futures and AsyncIO as a methods to gathers data from multiple slow sources in a single. We than process data concurrently.

In the third and last part we shift from concurrency to parallel task processing, and take a look at distributed and parallel processing of large data sets with Celery.

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