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ML Summit Summit 2020
26. - 28. Oktober 2020 | München
Das große Trainingsevent für Machine Learning
& Data Science

David Asabina


28 Okt 2020
14:15 - 17:30
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Deploying ML models with Python

28 Okt 2020
14:15 - 17:30

For developers and data-scientist active in 2020, there are plenty of managed services by multiple providers that can help deploy models and other applications but for the sake of learning, it sometimes helps to venture down the stack and understand the design choices and constraints in play. We will address best-practices in shipping Python applications in Docker containers, we will discuss some package management issues that can make development in Python a considerably more pleasant and productive experience and will eventually even discuss how one can use Kubernetes to serve our models to our end-users at scale.

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